Ipso Facto specializes in providing strategic HR services and Executive Coaching to small and medium-sized organizations


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Ipso Facto

Ipso Facto specializes in providing HR consulting services, leadership and management training and executive coaching to clients ranging from recent start-ups to dynamic small and medium sized enterprises.

These organisations typically experience stronger pressure for early and rapid organizational growth than almost any other sector.

Paradoxically, the response to this pressure for growth is frequently the reason why continued growth stalls. It can lead to companies being disproportionately staffed with technical personnel but often lacking the sufficient balance of marketing, sales, HR and other skills essential to continued growth and success.

“Ipso Facto has been instrumental in laying the foundations for the next stage in Skyscanner’s evolution. Gaelle has enabled us to successfully anticipate and avoid the common barriers to continued organisational growth and to engineer the structure and culture of Skyscanner to meet the demands of a competitive global marketplace.”
Gareth Williams,
CEO, Skyscanner

As a result, many of these organisations experience significant growing pains and fail to convert greater organizational size to step-change increases in revenue.

Through its experience of helping many dynamic businesses to overcome these challenges, Ipso Facto has developed consultancy packages that both meet the structural HR needs of growing organizations and provide tools to continually enhance the capabilities of  its senior leaders.